Blockchain brings disruptive innovation opportunities and shows itself as the future of data transactions around the world, based on cryptographic techniques.

The technology allows you to streamline complex transactions, maintaining a chain of validation and data tracking, working with unique and non-changeable information, thus ensuring its authenticity and propagating the information to all parties involved in the process.

Create distributed blockchain networks across multiple organizations with the flexibility that only the cloud solution can deliver.
The platform's large memory networking capabilities can accelerate the interaction between the blockchain and its business data.
Fully encrypted data and infrastructure that protects the network from internal and external threats.

Certsys brings Blockchain’s solution allied with IBM’S technology, supporting the software for a highly secure, available, and integrated cloud infrastructure.

Through our advisory service and defined the type of process that will use the technology, the technology will be inserted as an intermediate layer of transactions.

Then the chaincodes are programmed, which are the business rules applied to the systems. Finally, we include the access levels of network members to shared transaction log information.

Your process will operate as stipulated and will record all new transactions from then on, ensuring all security and agility through IBM’s cloud technology.

Certsys partner’s solutions with technology
to develop your Blockchain business
IBM Blockchain
A shared, unchanging ledger to record transaction history. It promotes a new generation of transactional applications that establish trust, accountability, and transparency.