Analytics & Big Data


The amount and variety of data entering organizations increases considerably every day, and the trend is that this growth will not stop.

The amount of data is not the most important factor, but the relevant information they have and what companies do with that information.

Big Data – this immense volume of structured data or not – can be analyzed for the attainment of intelligence for decision-making and strategies of the business.

Understanding these data, coupled with cognitive ability, helps to drive results more effectively and assertively.

Better understand your business, your processes and customers through the analyzed data and make assertive decisions.
Direct your efforts to what is really important and use the data to discover new opportunities.
Through cognitive computing, explore the data intelligently and automated, gaining insights for the business.

It’s no use collecting petabytes of data if you cannot analyze them or need days to get answers. That’s why Certsys will help your company get the best from Big Data in order to get solutions to your business’ issues and seek innovative ideas.

Combined with cognitive computing solutions that have learning technology, you can automate the process and streamline it, as well as find new ways to develop innovation in your company.

Count on us to discover the possibilities that Big Data and Analytics can bring to your business.

Certsys partner’s solutions with technology to develop
your Analytics & Big Data business
It allows you to get deeper and more meaningful information from your data and predict what is likely to happen later, through predictive analytics to help you find new opportunities, improve efficiency, and minimize risk.
IBM Watson Analytics
Find answers in your data, without you having to download the software. The solution guides to data exploration, automates predictive analytics, and enables the creation of dashboards and infographics in a simple way.
IBM InfoSphere Information Server
Integration platform that includes a family of products that enable you to understand, clean, monitor, transform and provide data, as well as collaborate to fill the gap between business and IT.
IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
It allows an organization to make the most of customer information and the company's knowledge embedded in its content, making it structured and available.
IBM Cognos Analytics
An interactive way of integrating reports, modeling, analysis, dashboards, histories, metrics and event management so you can understand your organization's data and make effective business decisions.