Extend your enterprise solutions through the Mobile platform and deliver a rich experience for your customers or connect applications with enterprise data to create an interactive environment with your professionals.

Through cross-platform applications, you reduce costs and streamline the development of mobile solutions in a scalable way. It still saves time through collaborative continuous delivery processes.

In this way your customers will have an even more agile and interactive experience. Coupled with analytics and geo-location tools, your applications will have greater relevance and adherence to the target audience.

Create applications faster, efficiently, intelligently, and integrated with a development environment for your team.
Deliver solutions faster to your customers with robust development and security tools.
Combine mobile and cloud solutions to create applications with easy modification and growth, creating up-to-date customer experiences.

With Certsys you can transform your company’s mobile application development to an exceptional level, with quality and agility, using modular development and test environment solutions.

In addition, we can assist you throughout the development process with integration, continuous delivery and cognitive computing to assist in creating personalized, data-driven interactions in an automated way.

Count on Certsys to create extraordinary experiences for your customers with security, processes and innovation.

Certsys partner’s solutions with technology
to develop your Mobile business
IBM Mobile Security
Complete, seamless and scalable solution for your mobile devices, with an end-to-end approach to mobile security that protects devices, data, applications, and users.
IBM Mobile Foundation
Open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets. Helps organizations of all sizes develop, test, connect, run, and manage mobile applications efficiently.
IBM Mobile Device Management
Helps simplify mobile device management by providing visibility and control of smartphones and tablets across the enterprise with support for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.
IBM API Connect
Complete API lifecycle management solution that will make things easier for developers with a view of the APIs as small applications.