Backup & Storage


The amount of data has grown exponentially and is increasingly fragmented into many types of storage, from traditional to cloud or virtual environments.

Ensuring the availability of these data is a major challenge as there are many cost, performance, and infrastructure limits as a whole.

Therefore, having high performance solutions and agile storage is essential to ensure the integrity and availability of the data, regardless of the type of environment where they are located.

Protect petabytes of data without compromising your business.
Store and protect your data in a physical, virtual or cloud environment.
Better return on investment without compromising the agility of your infrastructure.

Certsys will help your company protect your critical business information with the industry’s best technologies for backup, restoring, and data storage.

With this you will be able to transform a large amount of unstructured data, having visibility and extracting the value of the data, thus transforming the IT area from a cost center to a business enabler.

Certsys partner’s solutions with technology
to develop your Backup & Storage business
Veritas Resiliency Platform
A tool that helps proactively secure application resiliency in heterogeneous, constantly changing environments with a single solution that includes Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
Veritas Netbackup Appliances
Integrating multiple components into a single device provides a way to reduce costs and remove complexity across your organization.
Veritas Netbackup
Built to protect the largest and most demanding data center environments, it has innovative cloud virtualization capabilities and deployments that go beyond what traditional backup can achieve.
Veritas Enterprise Vault
Information archiving platform that has the ability to archive from multiple sources and multiple systems, where archived data is indexed, sorted, deployed and stored securely.
Veritas Data Insight
File analysis solution that provides tracking and reporting required to ensure organizational accountability for the use and security of files.
Veritas Backup Exec
Data protection software designed for users who have mixed physical and virtual environments and who are moving to public cloud services.
IBM Data Protection and Recovery – IBM Spectrum
Solution that provides protection for virtual, physical, nautical and software environments as well as basic applications and remote installations.
IBM Storage
It provides data access speed and performance with the agility and efficiency of hybrid cloud and software-defined storage.